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Betaflight 10.10.0 Configurator

Welcome to RC1 – our first Release Candidate for 10.10.0

Please report back any issues at Thank you.

NOTE: You must use this version 10.10 (or better) configurator for firmware 4.5.0-zulu and the 4.5.0 release candidates.

Which file do I need?

  • Windows (8, 10, 11) 64 bit (installed): betaflight-configurator-installer_10.10.0-RC1_win64-installer.exe (please uninstall before installing this release);
  • Windows (8, 10, 11) 64 bit (portable):;
  • Mac OS X: betaflight-configurator_10.10.0-RC1_macOS.dmg (please read ‘Important information when upgrading’ below);
  • Linux (Ubuntu, debian): betaflight-configurator_10.10.0-RC1_amd64.deb;
  • Linux (Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS): betaflight-configurator-10.10.0_RC1-1.x86_64.rpm;
  • Linux (others):;

Release Notes


    Choose the Download button to click depending on your operating system


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