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Waiting time for your Payment

From the day of the order we wait for the payment until the seventh day, if the payment has not yet arrived, the order will be canceled.

10 days for exchange

If the product has been used, welded or blown through the air the product is no longer warranted. In this case the product cannot be returned.

If the product has a manufacturing fault, a warranty must be applied according to its manufacturer:
-iFlight: the warranty for products with factory problems with iFlight products goes directly with the factory and not with the reseller.
-Tattu: the batteries do not have any type of guarantee.
-Other brands: they have no guarantee

– Within 7 days of purchase the product should be back in stock with the same conditions as new; Product in mint condition with no wear and tear, all packaging included and intact.

Repeated returns
We reserve the right to refuse the return in the event of proven misuse (repeated return). We reserve the right to block the IP address of the customer who ordered online and declined without giving a reason.


We reserve the right to refuse the return of the payment done in backorder. 

Cancellations of pre-orders can have only credit note for the value of the products ordered.

Transport damage / incomplete
What to do if a shipment is damaged or incomplete

You have 8 days from the date of delivery to report the damage to the nearest post office. Please bring the parcel or letter with you with the proof of delivery (e.g. “Registered”, “A Plus Brief”) without forgetting the contents in order to assess the damage and prepare a damage report. We will then check whether you are entitled to compensation. This applies to national and international parcels.

Loss of a shipment

If a shipment does not arrive at its destination as expected, you have the option of entering a search query. The search can be entered by the sender or the recipient, but it is preferable to go through us.

We can then start the search:

  • If the “Distributed Shipment” event is missing from the shipment tracking.
  • If the published delivery time has been exceeded by more than 2 days.
  • If the recipient confirms (verbally or in writing, e.g. by email) that he has not received the shipment.

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