Soldering Flux Paste for Electronics High Quality



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Soldering Flux Paste for Electronics Sequre


Solder Paste Specifications:
Capacity: 10 g iron box
Viscosity: 1 (Pa·S)
Particle size: 1(um)
Melting point: high
Activity: flexible

Solder Paste Features:

Little residue, good tin wetness, the solder point is bright, less smoke, no irritating smell, don’t run the ball.

Solder Paste Application: In the welding process, it plays the role of “removing oxide” and “reducing the surface tension of the material to be welded”. Solder paste widely used in, Clock instruments, Precision components, Medical devices, Stainless steel handicraft, Tableware, Mobile communications, Digital products, Air conditioning and Refrigerator refrigeration equipment, Glasses, knives, auto radiator, And all kinds of PCB board and Brazing of BGA Solder Ball.

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  1. Cliff Cruthirds

    The best soldering station helps you avoid these accidents because you can position it at any height. It also has the latest safety features such as automatic shut off and auto start-up, which help you achieve a better quality weld. This also makes it easier to weld thinner and flexible parts such as thin boards and cables.

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